-Age unknown, her answer changes depending on how old she feels.
-African American
-A hard headed woman, with a soft heart
-Underneath her hard exterior she is caring.
-She stands up for her beliefs, which can make her an incredibly stubborn person at times
-She believes in equality, and praises ‘baby Jesus’ when President Johnson signs the bill of rights
-She is a strong believer in Jesus, praises him whenever something good happens, and prays muttering to him when she is doing something extreme.
-She loves Lily more than anyone in the world. The only mother figure Lily has had since she was a little girl.
-Dislikes T-Ray, and works for him on his peach farm, cleaning the house and taking care of Lily.
-Doesn’t keep in touch with her siblings, doesn’t even know where they are.


-The youngest of the three ‘calendar sisters’.
-Probably in her thirties
-African American
-Muscley physique
-An odd person, not altogether normal
-Starts humming ‘Oh! Susanna’ whenever anyone mentions anything sad. This is a form of denial, by pretending everything is fine.
-An overall nice person, very caring and compassionate, to the point where she won’t even kill a cockroach, instead she will lead them out of the house.
-Extremely sensitive, especially when it comes to her twin sister who committed suicide when they were young.

Lily Owens

Age: 14

Nationality: American

Hometown: South Carolina

Lives with: Her cruel and dominating father because her mother ran off and then when she came back she was shot.

Physical Characteristics: Black hair that is a nest of cowlicks, she doesn’t have much of a chin; she has nice eyes and a shapely body.

Personality: She is very shy and lonely. She has no friends her own age and longs for some. She worries a lot about her mother and hates her father T-Ray. Rosaleen is the closest she has to a mother.

Occupation: Student

August Boatwright

Age: Middle age

Nationality: African/American

Address: The hot-flamingo house, Tiburon South Carolina

Physical Characteristics: Tall woman, black skin, slim figure, wears rimless glasses, thousands of caramel wrinkles on her face and flour dusted looking hair.

Personality: She is very kind and caring. She cares for others and is genially concerned for their well being. She loves her sisters and loves bees.

Family: Mother and father both passed away, her sister April killed herself when she was 15 she has two other sisters June and April. August is the oldest.

Lives with: Her two sisters April and May.

Occupation: She is the maker of the black Madonna honey. She works with the bees and makes the honey from scratch and then sends it off to sell along with beeswax and candles.

Hometown: Sylvan, South Carolina

Physical characteristics: Black hair that is a nest of cowlicks, she doesn't have much