In chapter nine June and Lily become on talking terms with each other after a water fight with the sprinkler on a very hot day. May has not been to the wall in days and everything seems to be going fine. Enough to make Lily ask May if she knew her mother Deborah. After seeing May use an old bug catching trick she had been told of her mothers. When May suddenly replied oh yes Deborah, lovely girl, Lily tells herself it is the right time to tell August why she is really here.

Towards the end of the chapter, Zach offers Lily a ride into town with him to buy a tool when Zach sees his friends and some white men, waiting with weapons for an actor and his black friend trouble starts. As Zach and his friends are driven off to jail, the same as Rosaleen and Lily had been just weeks before, May returns to the wall and everyone is back to sorrow. Lily had still not gotten the courage to finally come clean.