Meeting Zach

At the start of the chapter Lily meets Zach and she fell in love with him instantly because she was surprised that a coloured person was handsome. When they met, Zach was surprised that Lily was white because August didn’t mention anything.

They have a conversation and got to know each other. Lily asks if she could learn to drive in Zach’s car. He declines saying that she’d be sure to wreck his car. Zach tells Lily of his dream of becoming a lawyer telling her that this was unlikely that this was going to happen because he was black.

During this chapter Lily is also puzzled about whether to question August on the Black Mary, and why her mum might have had a Black Mary exactly the same as what is on their honey jars at home.

"Lily" I said. "i'm staying with August and them for a while."
"I'm Zachary Taylor" he said.

The theme is:

ZD and BV