Chapter 3

Lilly just broke Rosaleen out of jail. They journey through town called Tiburon, they keep walking until they get to a little town restaurant and grocery store called FROGMORE STEW GENERAL STORE AND RESTAURANT SINCE 1854. She goes in and purchases salted peanuts, buttermilk cookies, two pimiento-cheese sandwiches in plastic, sour balls, a can of red rose snuff. She wasn’t allowed to purchase the red rose snuff so when the man goes and opens her coke she slips it in her bag. Before she leaves she spots a picture of the Black Mary, the exact same of as her mothers, she notices that it is on a jar of honey labeled “black Madonna honey” That honey reminded her of the bees she saw in her room, so she decides to find this black Madonna lady. Lily and Rosaleen journey further to find her and her bee farm.