At the start of the chapter August shuts everything down because of May's burial. Lily is still fighting back the urge to talk to August. Lily was finding her life to be funny now, dillydallying and not talking about her mother to her new family/friends. She was getting use to her life now, helping out in the kitchen and just lazing around, at nighttime she would study her map of South Carolina when everyone was asleep. She would study the map to figure out where herself and Rosaline would head next.

After many weeks of mourning Lily woke up later one morning to find August, June and Rosaleen dusted with flour and baking lots of small cakes whilst singing. They were preparing for a two-day festival called Mary Day. Whilst they were setting up Neil came up to the house and asked June to marry her and she said yes and they went for a drive to buy June her ring!

That night during their ritual, Lily walked off overwhelmed, Zach ran after her and held her hand as they walked. They went to the lake where May committed suicide and sat next to it, talking about Zach and his life in jail. While they were there, Zach gave Lily a silver rectangle necklace to wear until they could be together as a couple properly, when the colours of their skin would not be a problem.