Creating the study guide was a really interesting and informing experience for me. I was able to learn a lot more of the novel in a deeper more meaningful way than if I had just read it myself. The chapter summaries in particular were very detailed and helped me to approach some of the issues in the novel with a different outlook. It was also very interesting to read other fellow classmates opinions and thoughts to compare them to mine and discuss the differences. Another great thing about the wikispaces was the fact that it was written by the students in an easy to read language. It was a bit daunting to work with someone other than a close friend, but it proved to be a lot more helpful, in that I was able to be more open with my views and learnt how to work with and combine the opinions of someone else. The task helped me become a bit more confident around computers, as I learnt how to create links within texts and how to format them on a web page. I think that creating the study guide was a great way of understanding a novel and helps you not only to get an idea of what other people think, but allows you to express your insights as well.

When I read the study guide, I felt like I had learnt something about the book and as an author I felt as if I had contributed to other people’s learning. I never thought that I could learn about a novel by doing a study guide and after learning about the novel I felt empowered because assisting someone in his or her learning is what I want to do in life. I loved making the study guide and I hope we do it again.

A study guide is a fantastic way of revising a book as it looks into a small part of the book with intensity but in short, easy to understand writing. For example I would not know some of the background knowledge to the book but with a study guide you could learn about these and the text makes more sense. Also others look at things with a fresh point of view. It is interesting to see how others interpreted the book. I quite enjoyed learning about how to make a study guide and how easy it actually is. It is very interesting learning about South Carolina and how to make a peanut and coke drink. It was really good how we worked with others because as the saying goes many hands make light work. It was amazing how much work we could get done by ourselves.

I learnt a lot more than I expected too there is a lot of information on this site.
It was very interesting too go though all the different links and learn many different things. What I learnt was the different quotes and sayings in the book.
And it was interesting to see how people saw Rosaleen, as in what they thought rosaleen looked like. It was very good to see. I liked researching the information for this site, but it’s sad that all my hard work got lost. Its really disappointing that Grace’s and my work was deleted. I didn’t think there was anything wrong I quiet enjoyed this topic. I hope to do it again.

This study guide has completely evolved form when Cari and I first added our addition, Author information. As we were the first people to complete our entry so at the time there was nothing else to look at. However now there are many interesting things to read. I am quite interested in the civil rights debate and the history of the African-American population particularly during the 1960s. So it was good to learn and be horrified by some of the Jim Crow laws under the topic of themes. The site is now functioning quite well and there are many interesting links to explore. This book has many underlying themes and reference to actual events in history and I have taken it for granted that every step of the way I have fully understood all aspects of the book. I have come to realise through doing this study guide that many people don’t know about civil rights or some of the events mentioned in the book, this study guide would be more beneficial for them.

I did learn more about the book than I expected to. The character profiles went a lot deeper into the characters lives than just reading the book. With the study guide I was able to learn more about Sue Monk Kidd and actually learnt more about South Carolina. Being able to look at the summaries and key turning points whilst reading the book helped me to better understand it. I did learn other interesting things. Mrs Mcleay was in contact with a lady in South Carolina and we were free to ask her question about SC and I asked her about politics and got a really interesting answer. I also learnt about the history of SC and about the real life events and people that are mentioned in the novel.
I enjoyed being able to talk to the lady living in SC. There was nothing I didn’t like it brought us all together as a class trying to help each other out and that was really nice. Mrs McLeay was a great help and this study guide brought our class together all sharing our knowledge.

I partially enjoyed creating the study guide, as I was able to present my knowledge of the text and my opinion on its themes. I also enjoyed making the external link because I was able to read up on Jim Crow laws in further detail, which I thoroughly enjoyed as they fascinate me due to the complete inhumanity and discrimination as well as the hypocrisy demonstrated by the human race. Official laws had been passed to prevent this decades earlier but the more unflattering humans traits overrode this and Jim Crow laws took over. I think the link that I made will offer a fair amount of information to people interested in the topic. I think that the study is interesting in the way it works- everyone doing a small bit for the common good, it reflects the system of communism and actually works. However the study guide feels like a joke because it is too easy, and when taken seriously would take a total of five minutes to complete and I feel that our class takes advantage of this negatively by wasting time and spending multiple lessons doing very little, the other issue that the study guide presents is that very little opinion or writing technique is able to be displayed.

I never really read the book, but I did listen to the tapes and I thought that I did learn a lot more then I ever expected too. Having a study guide made it easier to learn new things and if I was unsure or didn’t no the answer to something it was very good to have something to refer back to if I was unsure. Everything that I learnt was interesting in its own way but nothing really stood out that I found interesting that deserves a mention. I did enjoy using the internet as a way of learning as well, I thought that it was something different and lot more fun then just reading the book or reading from a text book. As young people the internet is a big part of most of our lives and I thought that it was a really smart idea to bring that to the class room.

Writing and reading the secret life of bees study guide sounded a bit boring and dull at the start, but soon to actually be quite fun. Working with classmates you haven’t worked with before seem pretty scary at first seeing as some of us just like to hang with our friendship group. Working with someone I haven’t worked with before was actually fun. It was also good to actually have a conversation with her; I never thought I would be able to talk to her normally. I didn’t like the thought of thinking of what to write with another person I have never worked with. It was very confronting. After a while it was ok, I enjoyed working with the person after I felt comfortable in my situation. I liked the most reading what everyone else wrote. It was so interesting seeing everyone else’s point of view. I learnt more about the book then I thought! I never actually really got to finish reading the book seeing that I thought it was so boring. But decided that I might read the summary so I know the main points of the book. It helped a lot reading the summaries.